Kennett NVF - Delaware Valley Development Company

Kennett NVF

Since 1904, NVF has been manufacturing vulcanized fiber products from the Mid-Atlantic. It encountered major problems, however, when several of its sites were added to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Superfund list for serious contamination to the land and, in some cases, groundwater.

The former NVF plant in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania still stands as an industrial complex, although work inside of the building has long since ceased. Between 2008-2009 the property on which the site is located went into bankruptcy and was purchased by DVDC.

While the site requires a great deal of action to prepare it for its planned mixed- residential and commercial use, its location in the heart of Kennett Square Borough led many to see its potential.

Since purchasing the property, DVDC has performed demolition of several unsafe structures and some environmental and land cleanup. It has received approval from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protect to begin the process of cleaning the site of its contaminants and preparing it for the development process.

Currently, DVDC is coordinating these clean-up efforts, working to change the zoning, and collaborating with the community to decide how to structure the site so that it will be of benefit to the Borough.