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Delaware Valley Development Company

Delaware Valley Development Company (DVDC) is a full service real estate development, building and investment company, specializing in affordable housing and land development in the Mid-Atlantic region. Based in Hockessin, Delaware, DVDC’s mission is to successfully create and manage communities of the highest quality utilizing three core values:

  • EXCELLENCE We demand excellence in all aspects of our business. This includes basic components of the development business such as design, construction and management, but also on a more fundamental level in the approach we take to conduct our daily affairs.
  • INTEGRITY Our promise is to accept nothing less than absolute integrity. We hold ourselves accountable by committing to do as we say with every action we take.
  • RESPONSIBILITY  We believe strongly that we, as real estate developers, are shapers of the places in which we live, work and play.  That said, we aim to build sustainable communities that improve and enhance the built and natural environments.

DVDC’s principals have directed the development of multi- and single-family communities containing over 5,000 residential units in over 75 developments in Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. DVDC currently owns and manages more than 2,000 multi-family units in 31 apartment communities. In addition, more than 150 units in approximately 3 projects are currently in various stages of the development process.